Class JavadocTagsCheck

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    public final class JavadocTagsCheck
    Check if the class/interface javadoc contains properly formatted author and version tags.

    Correct format is the following (of a class javadoc):

      * This is my new class.
      * @author John Doe (
      * @version $Id$
     public final class Foo {
         // ...

    "$Id$" will be replaced by a full text automatically by Subversion as explained in their documentation (see link below).

    See Also:
    Keywords substitution in Subversion
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      int[] getAcceptableTokens()  
      int[] getDefaultTokens()  
      int[] getRequiredTokens()  
      void init()  
      void visitToken​( ast)  
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      • JavadocTagsCheck

        public JavadocTagsCheck()
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        public int[] getDefaultTokens()
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        getDefaultTokens in class
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        public int[] getAcceptableTokens()
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        getAcceptableTokens in class
      • getRequiredTokens

        public int[] getRequiredTokens()
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        getRequiredTokens in class
      • init

        public void init()
        init in class
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        public void visitToken​( ast)
        visitToken in class