• 0.18.19


You can exclude anything, using plugin configuration:


Every exclude item is a regular expression. The following exclusion prefixes are supported now (the list may actually be longer): checkstyle:, pmd:, findbugs:, dependencies:, duplicatefinder:.

Exclude for Findbug is a bit different, as expression has to be either an exact class name or start with the ~ character the rest of content is interpreted as a Java regular expression. For example: 1) findbugs:~com.qulice.foo.* excludes all classes in package com.qulice.foo; 2) findbugs:com.qulice.foo.Bar excludes only class Bar in appropriate packages. See http://findbugs.sourceforge.net/manual/filter.html

Dependencies exclude uses syntax of groupId:artifactId, so to exclude e.g. guava library you should add dependencies:com.google.guava:guava as an exclude. Multiple exclude tags can be provided to exclude multiple dependencies. To exclude all dependency checks dependencies:.* should be used.